Saturday, 28 May 2016

Not Today Satan, Bianca Del Rio, Playhouse, Canberra Theatre

Bianca Del Rio is in some ways a very atypical Drag Queen. Yes, her outfits are fantastic - but she barely lipsynchs, her makeup isn't so much "feminine" as "clownish", and she makes no attempt to sound or move in a particularly ladylike way, In some ways, a night with her is just a typical standup act with a different outfit. But she's an exceptional standup, and somehow the splashy outfit makes it so much stronger - if you're going to do standup from a high-status POV, why not look like a goddess at the same time?

In all honesty, this is a victory for flawless delivery over well-structured-and-thoughtful-standup - Bianca has about half a dozen random topics she wants to talk about, and is apparently all too-eager to be distracted from them to engage in audience participation (a casual reference to "Spoilers" from the audience gets a full three-minute rant, and the Q&A at the end of the show is a highlight rather than feeling like stretching the running time out, as such things can do in lesser hands). She's stylish, she's sassy, and she promised she's coming back next year. So catch her next time, and be prepared for the awesome.

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