Saturday, 28 May 2016

Dogmatic, Hannah Gadsby, Belvoir

Hannah Gadsby has earned her spot at the top of the Australian Comedy pantheon. Her relentlessly honest, heartfelt and above all funny shows have a way of getting under your skin. She may have the manner of a slightly eccentric aunt, but she's got a sharp mind and wit that gets the brain working at the same time as the funny bone.

"Dogmatic" is theoretically her happy-go-lucky show (after a previous show got both five stars and the contact number for Lifeline included after the review), but it's never particularly tied down to that - though it is true that this is less of a thematically tight show than some of her previous work. This one touches on feminism, pop-culture, her family, her mental state, her dog and several other topics, and if there isn't a thesis-statement as such, this is still a damn strong evening of giggles and charm. There's even a costume change!

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