Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Big Little Things, Troy Kinne, Swiss Club, 2016 Melbourne Comedy Festival

Troy Kinne has a charming, if bogan-ish, presence and has a reasonable number of decent youtube sketches and got two TV series on Channel 7 due to someone managing to actually commission an Australian Sketch comedy series for commercial TV. But his standup act doesn't do itself a lot of favours by extensively crossing to and using sketches from the TV show.

I'll admit, this was the third act I saw in one night, so it may not be entirely his fault that my attention was not engaged for the full run of the show. But this was an evening in the territory of "mildly amusing" rather than "gut bustingly funny". I'd guess that Kinne's blokey charm and pleasant nature will probably keep him around in Australian comedy for a while, but I really hope that he finds something that challenges himself a bit more next time he gives standup a try. Either leave the sketches to youtube or genuinely interact with them a bit more. He's by no means a bad comedian, he's just giving a very middling evening that doesn't try very hard and gets by on charm. In a festival with a couple of hundred alternatives to choose from, this doesn't stick out from the pack.

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