Friday, 15 April 2016

101 Hits, Tripod, Spiegeltent, 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

For their twentieth anniversary, Tripod have finally hit the big time. Yes, they're putting out a book of sheet music. And to celebrate, they're performing all 101 songs from their new book.

Not in one night, of course. But they do have a raffle-barrel that they're drawing numbers out of and over the course of their season hopefully they'll perform all 101 songs at least once.

THey do mention a few of the possible pitfalls of the show early on (the risk of doing all the serious songs at the beginning of the show, the fact that they've only theoretically rehearsed all of them)... yet, at this performance at least, they're as polished as you'd hope any act with 20 years in the business would be, with a nice line in banter, and a good chunk of songs with no duds drawn over the course of the evening. Whether it's Yon (the bald one) declaring himself lead singer, Scod (the Graeme-Garden-y looking one) unleasing his sexy dance moves, or Gatesey (the vaguely normal looking one) singing a love song from "Tripod vs the Dragon" by the lady playing the dragon about Gatesey, they have what it takes to amuse a large Spiegeltent crowd for a good solid hour of tunes and giggles. If it's a bit of a victory lap of a show, it's a well-earned one.

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