Saturday, 5 November 2016

Musical Theatre Confessions 2, Everyman Theatre, Polit Bar

Ah Everyman, wait ages for a production from them then you get two in a fortnight... Not that I'm complaining particularly. "Musical Theatre Confessions" is a cabaret format that, for my mind, works like gangbusters - performers get ten minutes for two songs and a story, getting to share a little of themselves and their talents, and leaving us wanting more rather than begging them to get off (and if we do somehow find someone getting tedious, there's not long before someone else is on).

While last time around I argued the female performers absolutely had it all over most of the men, this time around it was a much closer race. And, thank goodness, it wasn't that the women had dropped, it was that the men had raised their game a lot more (stories were more on point, songs had all the lyrics known, that kinda thing). This was a collection of nine ridiculously talented people sharing themselves and their songs in an evening of warmth and style. I will say one or two of the songs did sound a little under-rehearsed (with a few notes more reached-for than hit-confidently) but in general this was a strong night of entertainment.

There will apparently be another one of these around April 2017, possibly focussing on duets (which may help to iron out the under-rehearsal). Get in early and catch it once it's announced!

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