Sunday, 6 December 2015

Hollywood Nights, Teatro Zinzanni, Seattle

Teatro Zinzanni is variety at its finest. A long-running Seattle institution, it occupies a spiegeltent in the middle of Seattle's theatre district with a distinct combo of cabaret, cirque, comedy (plus a five course meal into the bargain). "Hollywood Nights" is their current season, which puts a movie-overlay on the various acts (everything from acrobatics to tap routines to opera to jazz standards). Sitting right in the middle of the action (with cast members occasionally fainting into my lap) made everything from the time you enter the space a wildly entertianing production.

Performers include Francine Reed (a regular backing singer for Lyle Lovett), Australian Tim Tyler (who performs the same ping-pong-ball-juggling routine he performed 20 years ago on The Big Gig - his combination of innocent shock at how anyone could possibly misconstrue his behaviour and his glee at showing off his skills is simply irresistable), the delightfully innocently clownish Andrea Conway Doba and her somewhat more cynical husband Wayne Doba, Ron Campbell as MC and general spirit of mischief, the oustanding operatic voice of Juliana Rambaldi, the juggling skills of Gamal David Garcia plus the acrobatic talents of Ben Wendel,Terry Crane, Domitil Aillot and Elena Gatinova. All are top level performers in a wild, funny and fast moving show that does what good variety should do - frame various performers in acts that show off their abilities as well as possible, and gives the audience a surfiet of wild entertainment. Loved it.

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