Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Wedding, Hughes theatre

With a who's who of Canberra Theatre in attendance, The Wedding was always going to be a major event on the calendar. And with two high quality lead performers/producers/writers in Sarah Byrne and Peter MacDonald, the end result was, as predicted, polished perfection. Costumes, music, lighting, weather (despite one well-timed ominous rumble during "in sickness in health") all combined to present an event that celebrated life, love and happiness.

Even the one un-even moment mandated in the script (the legally mandated "marriage is between a man and a woman") was quickly rescued by a delightfully phrased rebuttal ("but we look forward to the day that these rights can be extended to all our friends").

The musical accompaniment of the Wacky Whizz-bang Wurtlitzer band as a fine all-melodica trio gave a delightfully whimsical tone to the entire event, but perfectly-excecuted whimsy.

The wedding had a one night run. But now the sequel, The Marriage, is running. It will run forever.

(Yes, this is incredibly self-indulgent but ... it's a blog, that's what they're for)

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  1. Guy - I've just seen this delightful review. What an open-hearted old romantic you are, and what a lovely wedding present to the hapy couple. It's my experience that an audience with a generous spirit, and a generous application of spirits, can contribute much to the success of these sorts of productions, and certainly did in this case. And the excellent Band, well worth singling out. Thank you!