Saturday, 4 May 2013

AMAX, Smiths Alternative

A quick music review, though one with a theatrical bent (given Amy Dunham and Max Gambale are both theatre regulars)... AMAX have been performing gigs on and off for two or three years that I've noticed thus far, but this is the first one I've actually made it to. And they're pretty darn polished, I gotta say. Performing a bunch of original songs, with one cover in the bracket I heard, AMAX provided with gorgeous harmonies, some great guitar work from Gambale, Dunham simultaneously tough-and-tender, Gambale wearing his heart on his sleeve (in addition to his Hawaiian Shirt and Bright Red Clogs), and encouraging some toddler dancing  up the front with songs like the high-energy "Suitcase Stowaway". Very impressive - they're apparently working on recording their first CD, which you should all purchase or itunes download or illegally download it and drop large sums of money into Amy and Max's hands as penance.

As for the venue - I'm quite impressed with the stage at Smiths, it's quite hipster-chic charming. Yes, the venue is a Jorian Garnder Joint, which ... well, I'll be honest and say I'd tend to like his producing a lot more if he just let the work talk for itself, rather than appearing on stage himself to introduce at any point, but ... damn it, the guy has good taste in material to put on stage and a good history of putting stuff on stage, and should be commended for creating another good joint for local creatives to let their creative selves hang out.

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