Friday, 22 March 2013

Irresponsible - Civic Pub, Canberra Comedy Festival

Due to one thing and another, I got to see precisely... ONE show during the entire Canberra comedy festival (which had twenty-odd shows going). Fortunately, it had four very talented young comedians giving them all (plus one reasonable support act),

The one issue with the shared bill of four young men in their late-teens-early-twenties is that they do share a little bit of similarity of approach and subject matter - each tends towards shorter jokes, with a penchant for darker material, often about sex. There's not a lot of diversity - only the halftime song shared between Tim Noon and Harris Stuckey really breaks the rhythm of the show.

However, all four are skilled in their material. Simon Bower's the youngest, and still has a certain amount of nervous energy onstage, but comes across pretty well (he's also the only one to start aiming towards longer stories). Harris Stuckey's short one-or-two-liner pieces flow pretty nicely. Shahed Sharify gets a decent energy going, although, really, dude, claiming to not know what Argo is about really sounds weird after it won the goddamn oscar. Tim Noon is placed in the headline spot, and he deserves it. He does own the stage in a way the rest just don't quite - there's a very original comic mind going on there, and it'll be a pleasure to see how that develops in the next few months.

In short, very definately worth the $15 to see some promising young performers deliver some pretty damn good material.

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